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Wojtek Brewka

b. 1980


Born in 1980 in Kalisz. He is a graduate of University of Łódź, he’s also a co-funder of Art & Design Gallery. He focuses on easel painting. He has now recognizable style and techniques, using classic painting tools as well as tools typical for street art artists. He’s fascinated in street art of Berlin. Copies of his works are made as stickers, that then are placed around urban space. Wojciech Brewka participated in many individual and group exhibitions.


2013 – Individual exhibition in Warsaw, „Sens of non-sens” Club

2014 – Individual exhibition in Warsaw, Chłodna 31 Galerry, Winosfera

2010-2015 approx. 40 of collective exhibitions, Warsaw, Sopot, Katowice, Opole, Wrocław.

Cooperation with auction houses. 

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